My name is Calisto. Most people call me Cali. October 30, the youngest of 5. i a preop nonbinary two spirit and have been married to my partner Danny for 2 years.

I like the Earth so you should take care of it. I'm Polish Warsaw 3rd Generation raised in the country but city culture calls me. my main goal is live as a biracial individual is to be the first gender diverse person of color to circumnativate the globe in a boat.

I'm a Senior at University of Montana. Montana has loads to do in the summer like floating the river and festivals and fairs but I yearn to be back at the U. I play guitar and tenor sax. i study Cultural anthropology, Women's and Gender Studies, broadcast and environmental journalism, first nations anthropology and ballet and modern dance.

I am interested in everything, just ask...


WIKITONGUES: Caroline speaking Gullah and English

There’s an invaluable wisdom in the stories spoken in other languages of other cultures. Here, Carolyn “Jubulile” White recounts her upbringing in the Sea Islands off the shore of South Carolina and her school years in Charleston. As a storyteller, she stresses the importance of speaking in her native Gullah tongue without shame for its past consideration as “improper” English, “Everyone should be proud of a history, their history, their culture. Everyone else, you know, wanted to be known. So, why not us?”

quintanear asked: “hello fellow polyglot. just thanking you for the nice question, it got me pumped. :D ask away!”

No problem. I look forward to your answer


Shaun Ross, in his skin he wins. READ


Shaun Ross, in his skin he wins. READ







My heart!!!

the is the most precious lil baby in the world man


Learning multiple languages may change the structure of your brain.
By William Lee Adams, published on March 01, 2006

Carlos do Amaral Freire, a Brazilian linguist, easily translates 60 languages, including Chinese, Portuguese and Sanskrit.

Is he a genius? A freak of nature? Surprisingly,…


Cardinal Giuseppe Caspar MezzofantiI just started to read The life of the Cardinal Mezzofanti by Catholic scholar and clergyman Charles William Russell which I found on Google books. I am about to take a trip for a few weeks so it will be some time before I pick this up again. I do look forward to continuing it…